Ohne Ende Anfang

Ausstellungswagen & Szenografie

2021 – 2022
: Eidenhüttenstadt
Event: Ohne Ende Anfang by Museum für utopie und Alltag
With: KHB


Concept | Construction | szenographie



For the exhibition „Ohne Ende Anfang“, which took place 05/2021-05/2022 at the „Museum für Utopie und Alltag“ in Eisenhüttenstadt, I developed and built a mobile cart.
Since the exhibition took place during covid, it was very important to create something, that allows to move parts of the exhibition outside and at the same time have talks and discussion on it.
The cart is transportable via bicycle and all three tables can be put up to make it small and movable.

I also was part of the szenographie and graphic design KHB Project for the whole exhibition, let by Steffen Schuhmann.


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