A living room

#1 | curation of a living room

: Treptow Ateliers
Event: Opening Hours by fünfter Löffel
With: Andreas Szczurowski

Exhibited artist
Niklas Jeroch
Ernstina Eitner
Julius Bobcke
Katya Quel
Juan Blanco
Lisa Dusch
Valentin Lux

#2 | Installation: Domesticationg the natural

Our out-of-control world is always open, 24/7, working beyond the limits of nature, increasingly displacing it and leaving it carelessly behind.
We are concentrating on the manmade better, brighter and perfect world, in which we control our own destiny. The apple is now rotten and only feeds the flying creatures of our imagination. We are drawn to the light and admire the live that the room inside the room is leading us to believe. We step into a world of domesticated nature, where grass caresses our feet, butterflies buzz around and plants can sing, to look at a goldfish in a jar that forgot the start of the circle before he reaches the end.
The dim and rudimentarily lit space outside the greenhouse only enters our consciousness the moment we avert our gaze from the artificial paradise, when the greed for light subsides. This space is filled with artistic positions that can be read in the field of tension between hyperreal and a glorified primordial state.

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